Harley Quinn joins Infinite Crisis on November 18

Infinite Crisis Screenshot - Harley Quinn Infinite Crisis

Harley Quinn, the Joker's right-hand gal, will be joining the cast of heroes and villains of Infinite Crisis on November 18. Harley Quinn is a ranged support that focuses on heals and crowd control. 

Her Passive is BFFS. When Harley uses a skill, she and her ally gain attack speed and movement speed boosts. Pies is an attack where Harley throws several pies that deal power damage and prioritizes champion targets. Back Off has Harley use a huge hammer to deal attack damage and knock back enemies. If you knock the target into a wall, the target takes additional attack damage and is knocked down. Best Medicine has you heal your target ally or drone. Then there's Puddin' Time, where Harley Quinn smashes the ground with a hammer in a cone in front of her, dealing power damage. Enemies inside the cone are knocked up. 

Turbine recommends a blend of power damage and cooldown reduction to provide a lot of damage for more harass and heals. 

Harley can poke with ranged basic attacks, but her primary focus will be to heal and keep enemies off of allies. As a support player in League of Legends, Harley Quinn looks like a fun character to play. 

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