Hard Corps: Uprising Blasts onto PSN Next Week

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Hard Corps: Uprising, Konami's latest run-and-gun endeavor, has already left its mark on the Xbox 360, challenging gamers to the fullest withbrutal gameplay. Now the prequel to Contra: Hard Corps will provide PlayStation 3 gamers with unforgiving, side-scrolling shoot 'em up action, as well. Konami has just announced that Hard Corps: Uprising will be available on the PlayStation Network next week.

Scheduled to launch on Sony's PlayStation 3 download market on March 15, the digital title will be available for $9.99. If you're an avid lover of old school games that really punished the heck out of you as a kid, and you haven't really enjoyed the ease of today's games (with the exception of Super Meat Boy and Demon's Souls, of course), then be sure to check out the game when it lands next week. Just be prepared to throw down your controller plenty of times in sheer frustration and rage.

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