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Happy one-year birthday to the 3DS


Remember when all those analysts said the Nintendo 3DS would fail? Remember when they said Nintendo wasn't going to make it due to the poor marketing strategies behind its new dual screen handheld? Boy, were those dudes wrong!

It's been exactly one year since the 3DS launched in North America, and while the entirety of the past 365 days hasn't been successful, the Big N was able to come back. As a fan of witnessing analysts' errors being exposed, I only have one thing to say: Ha!

To commemorate the birthday of the 3DS (because "birthday" sounds more endearing than "anniversary"), Nintendo has released the official Reggie Fils-Aime Mii! Is your body ready? It damn well better be if you want to download this crazy creation.

The Mii is available via SpotPass, and ol' Reggie is wearing some sick golden pants. Seriously, the Nintendo of America president-turned-internet sensation (or meme) is already crazy badass as he is. Now that he's got those golden pants, he's, like, unstoppable!


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