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Happy New Year from us at GameZone!


For some of you, it's the New Year and you're celebrating 2012 as we speak. Whether you're with your family, your friends, or alone in a corner at your house, we hope you're having a blast. You kind folks deserve it. And those of you who can be kind of mean, well, you deserve it, too!

Here at GameZone, we hope you're all having a wonderful time. Stay safe, and don't do anything foolish like drinking and driving. That's just plain dumb, and we'd hate for any of you to get hurt or hurt someone else.

Also, if something did happen to any of you, we'd be out a few readers. And umm, yeah, we need you guys and gals.

Happy New Year! May 2012 bring lots of great things for us all. But most importantly, let's hope we get some kick-ass games this year!

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