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Happy birthday to Green Man Gaming means happy birthday to you


Every once and a while there come those rare birthdays you go to where everything is just so spectacular that you practically feel like it is actually your own. Green Man Gaming’s new deal is practically this. While celebrating their 4th birthday, they want nothing more than to give back to their fans. After all, a birthday isn’t a celebration without a party.

From now until May 12th, you can get 25% off Starbound, The Last Federation, Goat Simulator, The Elder Scrolls Online, Space Engineers, Tropico 5, Age of Mythology, Flockers, and Dark Souls II by using the voucher code found below. Not too shabby if you ask me. I can’t help to notice Dark Souls II on that list, if you’ve been waiting for some reason – no more excuses.

The voucher code is:


Enjoy! Happy Birthday!

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