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Happy 13th Birthday RuneScape!


It's almost hard to believe that RuneScape has officially turned 13 today. For 13 year, RuneScape has been offering a Free-to-Play browser experience, that catered to both new gamers, just starting in the MMORPG genre and seasoned veterans, and it shows no signs of stopping here.

In the latest video released by the team, we get a little glimpse at what's to come in year 2014, starting off with the phrase "Power to the Players." 

Outlining their plans for the future, the video details how RuneScape will give power to its players in 2014 like never before by allowing them to fully decide on what content they will develop and when. Starting in mid-January with the launch of a new in-game voting system, players will first decide on whether they want the new Invention skill or a new Elf City.

You can always hop on RuneScape absolutely free by going to this page, and joining the hordes of players on a grand adventure.

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