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Hands-On Mobile Announces Two New Titles for PlayStation Store

December 2, 2009

Hands-On Mobile Announces Two New Titles for PlayStation Store

Bloons and Brainpipe Available for Download Through PSP minis Program

Hands-On Mobile, the world's leading developer and publisher of digital games and applications, announced two new titles, Bloons and Brainpipe are available now for download worldwide on the PSP system (including the PSPgo system) - a new evolution of the PSP system, specifically designed to suit the digital lifestyle of consumers who enjoy downloadable content on the go. The games can be purchased in the new "minis" section of the PlayStation Store.

"We saw the launch of the PSPgo system as a great opportunity to release these two titles that mark our first venture into the hand-held market," said JJ Lechleiter, head of games, Hands-On Mobile. "The minis really stood out to us as an opening to make high quality games on a new platform and we're excited to release these games that will have players mesmerized for hours."

Bloons is an addictive puzzle game where the player controls a monkey that throws darts at floating balloons in a variety of different configurations. The player must aim the dart the monkey throws and, depending on the angle and strength of the dart throw, will arc through the air popping whatever balloons that the dart hits.


  • Increasingly challenging configurations of balloons

  • Introduction of other objects that assist, impair or impede the player's darts

  • The player must discover how to throw the darts around, through, or over these objects to pop the minimum number of balloons needed to complete the level

  • High quality graphical elements

Brainpipe is a unique gaming experience where the ultimate objective is to transcend humanity. The player navigates the tunnels of the mind, exercising hand-eye coordination while relishing in the funkadelic sights and sounds of the inner self. The player collects the illuminated glyphs while avoiding the nasty obstacles because each brush with them brings them closer to eternal darkness.


  • 10 unique levels of increasing perplexity with 8 distracting obstacles to avoid

  • Stunning 3D visuals

  • Level design from award winning team that worked on Half Life 2 and Left 4 Dead

  • 2009 IGF winner for "Excellence in Audio"

  • Top Casual PC game of 2008

Bloons and Brainpipe are rated "E" for Everyone.

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