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Hands-On Impression: Tekken 7 is a promising sequel

Just like it was back in the PlayStation 2 days

From the get-go, it's clear that Tekken 7 seems to have taken a note or two from the Street Fighter 5 launch. From the quick hands-on impression I got during ComicCon Stockholm 2016, Tekken 7 seems to be the fighting game fans of the genre have been waiting for.

A good sequel should be familiar, but a new and fresh experience and that is something the team behind Tekken 7 managed to deliver really well. Tekken 7 both feels and plays well and those familiar with the franchise will feel right at home with the combo system, returning characters, couch multiplayer (which is becoming a rarity these days), and much more.

When playing a game at a convention you never get the full experience, so at times Tekken 7 felt like a button mashing fest where all I did was mashing buttons in hope for the best, though it worked  and showed that new player can get some sort of hang of things. I even managed to beat my cameraman with only one hand while playing as Yoshimitsu, maybe we are juts that bad or Yoshimitsu needs to be nerfed.

Then there are the small details that players might not notice when they are there but will when they aren't like the multilayered areas that have been a standard in Tekken for a while now, the hood on the hoodie falling off after getting hit a few times, all those small yet important details are all still there giving that little bit extra to the game.

Tekken 7 feels like an accessible game, while still being difficult to master. Jumping into a fight is fast and easy, and the characters all feel unique and rewarding to master but still relatively easy to jump in and just play for fun. It is a great mix of casual fun if there can be such a thing in a fighting game, and the depth that competitive players desire.

And maybe most importantly, the boobs are still jiggling.

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