Halo Anniversary Will Sport Kinect Functionality

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Microsoft is planning to include motion controls in the upcoming remake of Halo: Combat Evolved. In an interview with GameSpot, Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Spencer mentioned that the company was interested in incorporating Kinect features for all future games, including Halo: Combat Evolved. That's an interesting reveal that raises a lot of questions.

Spencer wasn't specific about how Microsoft's motion gaming peripheral would be involved with the upcoming shooter. The Microsoft Games Studios boss kept talk brief, so as to not give away any details before the company deems it appropriate. "As a first party we believe that Kinect will be important to all genres of games, be it racing games with Forza, combat games like Ryse--even games like Halo Anniversary [have] Kinect integration," said Spencer.

With Microsoft designing Kinect features into most of their games from now on, we'll most likely see a lot of menu and interface functionality relying on physical movement. I can definitely see menu navigation being built around the Kinect. Voice recognition may also be part of Microsoft's Kinect plans. As for actual gameplay, I'm not too sure developers are 100 percent comfortable building entire games around the technology. Just look at all the on-rails games that were showcased at E3. Kinect isn't exactly the typical controller for a racer or shooter.

You can expect to learn more about the Halo/Kinect integration as the game nears its retail launch. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will drop on Xbox 360 on November 15 for $39.99. Watch out for it.

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