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Halo 4


Two words: Master Chief. He's back and looks better than ever. Microsoft ended their E3 2011 presentation with a trailer that they called "an upcoming trilogy that they're excited for." That's right. We're getting a trilogy.

The trailer shows the inside of the human body with electrical currents running through it. Eventually they reach the heart, which starts beating. The camera then zooms out to show a pod that Master Chief breaks out of. He grabs Cortana and flings himself out of the ship he is on. Did I mention that it is exploding? No? Well, it is. He lands on a platform on the outside of the ship, which is heading towards a giant glowing hole located in the center of what looks to be a giant mechanical spaceship.

This trailer is so epic that it'll have people talking about it for weeks. I can't wait for more news to trickle out.

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