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Halo: The Master Chief Collection executive producer apologizes for awful matchmaking wait times

Vows not to rest until issues are fixed


Halo: The Master Chief Collection executive producer Dan Ayoub has issued a statement addressing the problems players are experiencing with online multiplayer matchmaking. 

"Players have expressed frustration at poor matchmaking times, or bad experiences in general. This is something we are working 24/7 to isolate and fix. Since launch, we have done a number of daily server-side tweaks to improve this experience and our data indicates these adjustments have helped considerably, but the state is still far from where it needs to be," Ayoub admitted.

The Master Chief Collection has been plagued by a number of matchmaking issues since its launch on Tuesday, and 343 Industries believes to have identified "the primary" cause. Ayoub assured players they are working on a solution right now. "We are doing everything we can on an hourly basis to improve the experience, while we work on our solution."

343 Industries will continue to roll out additional tweaks over the next few days which should improve the experience, while 343 readies the fix. As a temporary solution, the developer has also trimmed the multiplayer options, removing four playlists, to drive the player population to lists that are "functioning the best." According to Ayoub, this should increase the speed with which you can find games.

Ayoub noted that data shows successful match times anywhere from 15 seconds to four minutes, admitting that four minutes "is a long time to wait for a match." Should you find yourself waiting, it's recommended that you exit the search and restart.

"I’d like to personally apologize to you all for the current situation," Ayoub concluded. "I can assure you we’re attacking this from all directions from 343 Industries to the Xbox platform, and we won’t rest until it’s what it should be. People are reporting improvements across the board, which is great, but we’re not backing down until we finish this fight."

Looking ahead, here's what Halo: The Master Chief Collection players can expect in terms of updates:
  • Daily server-side tweaks to continue to improve time to get into games
  • A Content Update tomorrow that addresses some campaign fixes and scoring issues
  • Content Updates and server side tweaks over the next week focused on matchmaking
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