Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary 2-DISC Sountrack Announced

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary  - 871579

Coinciding with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - a remaster HD version of the original Halo campaign - will be a two-disc soundtrack.  The soundtrack features new orchestrations of the classic Halo: Combat Evolved, which was originally composed by Martin O'Donnell and Mitchel Salvatori.

The soundtrack features a total of 39 tracks spread out over two CDs and looks to contain over an hours worth of music for you to cruise around to.

In addition to the remastered campaign, the new Combat Evolved Anniversary will feature achievements, challenges, and a new fiction to uncover.  It also includes six of hte most popular multiplayer maps from the original game and a new Firefight map for cooperative play on Xbox LIVE.

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