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Halo 6 will feature split-screen


Back in 2015, 343 Industries talked decided to remove a longtime feature from the Halo series with Halo 5: Guardians. The feature that didn't make the cut was split-screen, 343 Industries had decided on the removal of split-screen support from the game -- a decision that had been greeted with mixed reaction from fans.

Anyone disappointed with this removal can breathe a sigh of relief, Halo 6 will reintroduce split-screen to the series. 

"For any FPS going out forward, we will always have split-screen in," said 43 Industries executive Bonnie Ross at DICE 2017. According to Ross' speech at the event, it had been one of the "painful learnings" that 343 Industries went through with Halo 5, along with The Master Chief Collection's horrible launch.

These "learnings" were "incredibly painful for the community and us [343 Industries]," said Ross before detailing that the event had somewhat eroded the community's trust in the developer's.

In fall of 2015, 343 Industries commented on the removal of split-screen and whether or not it would return, saying that it was a conversation they were willing to have. As of then, Halo 6 has been in development.


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