Halo 5 is coming this year, OXM claims

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As speculation over the release of the next Halo game continues, The Official Xbox Magazine has thrown a new wrench into the conversation. Halo 5 is reportedly coming this year, as in 2014.

The cover the upcoming March issue (via DualShockers) reads: "Halo 5: It's coming this year!"

As of right now, we're treating this as a rumor as we've yet to hear anything official from Microsoft. If true, though, this goes against what we initially heard from Master Chief voice actor Steve Downs, who told us not to expect anything regarding Halo 5 until 2015. Instead, he told us to look forward to an anniversary edition of Halo 2.

Halo 5 OXM

It should be noted, however, that both Downes and Microsoft backtracked on the initial statement, claiming he was not confirming an Halo 2: Anniversary Edition.

Throughout this whole rumor cycle, Microsoft has simply maintained that our "next 'Halo' journey will begin in 2014" but has yet to actually share any details.  I do find it weird, however, that something as big as Halo 5 coming in 2014 would take a backseat to Titanfall. Why announce something as big as this during the same month Titanfall releases? You'd think anything regarding Halo 5 would deserve its own cover story feature.

It's also worth noting that several users who have seen the magazine claim the article doesn't add anything new or even hint at a 2014 release.

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