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Halo 5: Guardians to address spawn killing

Call of Duty devs, please learn.

If you have ever played online in a shooting game, you know the importance of where your character spawns. Bad spawn points have you getting shot from some camper on the other side of the map or by that lucky guy that was circling the map.

Things are going to change in Halo 5: Guardians -- hopefully. 343 Industries has worked very closely with Pro Team to ensure that spawn points in Area mode won't have you yelling about how 'cheap the f**king game is' and ultimately leave you upset with the gameplay. 

Halo 5 will feature a fine-tuned traditional Halo Spawning system, that has been tweaked to meet the "expectations of esports." This doesn't mean that map control or spawn control will be removed from multiplayer, but that the game will be more balanced. 343 Industries isn't calling their spawn points final. Once the game releases they ask that players let them know when their spawn tweaks have failed them, so they can address the issue. Warzone will feature its own special spawn system, Bro Spawn, that will work on a macro level to find a group of players moving together and where their enemies are located.

Basically, they are working hard to make it harder to exploit spawn points. Woo!

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