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Halo 5: Guardians microtransaction REQ System details leaked

No prices revealed? And I dare call it a leak?

Halo 5: Guardians microtransaction 'REQ' system details leaked

343 Industries and Microsoft have been pretty upfront about Halo 5: Guardians' Requisition System (REQ) since it's reveal. When REQs were first announced, the developers were criticised by fans for implementing microtransactions in the beloved series, but 343 quickly responded with more information.

Even more details have been released on REQs, but this time the new information didn't come from 343 Industries. Instead, the infamous leaker known as CBOAT offered more details on the system we knew quite a bit about.

Before we go into the details, let's recap what we know about the REQ system.

  • REQs will come in different forms, they can either customize your Spartan or they can be game-impacting and give you different weapons or vehicles.

  • Only cosmetic REQs can be used in Arena, game-impacting REQs will only be allowed in Warzone.

  • Multiplayer matches will give players REQ points

  • Players can choose to purchase REQ packs with real-money

  • There are two types of weapon/vehicle cards: persistent and single-use.

    • Persistent cards are for standard loadout weapons (Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, etc.)

    • Single-use cards are for power weapons and power vehicles (Rocket Launchers, Phaetons, etc.).

  • There's a REQ energy system that stops you from using too many REQ cards too quickly

The leak from CBOAT doesn't offer any groundbreaking information, but it does give us more insight on what to expect. So,no more talk -  let's just dive into it.

Key Features:

  • Everything can be earned by collecting REQ Points.
  • Over 1,000 items at launch with hundreds more in the 8 months following
  • Players will never receive the same permanent REQ twice.
  • Players must earn and redeem energy before using game-impacting REQs, preventing the use of the most powerful items at the start of a match.

Here are the different REQ packs:


  • Includes: Common single-use REQs, but is likely to unlock new permanent REQ, if available.


  • Includes: Uncommon to rare REQs with the added value of two new permanent REQs, if available.


  • Includes: Large number of REQs ranging from Uncommon to Legendary. Players are guaranteed two new permanent REQs, if available.

Spartan Rank

  • Rewarded to players as they increase their Spartan Rank through the experience earned in the Arena and Warzone multiplayer modes. As a player's rank increases so does the value of the REQ Pack rewarded.


  • Rewarded to players as they complete specific challenges while playing in either Warzone or Arena multiplayer modes. These packes grant players with emblems and single-use REQs.


  • Featured packs will occasionally be available in the REQ Store, offering players a unique value for a limited time.


  • Premium REQ Packs provice players with a larger number of REQs with an increased chance at receiving higher levels of rarity and more permanent REQs, if available. They are amongst the highest-value packs players can earn in the system when available.


  • Supply REQ Packs can be obtained by purchasing select Halo licensed products at retail and are offered in three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.


  • Promotional REQ Packs are available through various promotions, often containing predetermined rewards, such as those available by pre-ordering Halo 5: Guardians, with two variants: Promotional and Advanced Promotional

Tip: The Warzone REQ Bundle provides players with 2 Premium REQ Packs a week for a total of 7 weeks. The bundle is included in:

  • Limited Edition

  • Collector's Edition

  • Limited Edition Xbox One

  • Token Cards

REQ Card Item Types

Warzone Specific Cards

Loadout Weapons

  • Warzone allows for the use of Loadout Weapon REQ cards. There are 4 loadout weapons players can acquire via REQ cards. Players can unlock advanced versions of these weapons that have special attachments and scopes.

Power Weapons

  • Power weapons have been upgraded in Halo 5: Guardians. These weapons now come in a variety of different power levels or with new and unique behaviors.


  • Vehicle cards let you call new and fan favorite vehicles directly into Warzone matches at a friendly home base or a captured garage.

Power Ups

  • Power up cards grant temporary power ups to players like active camo, damage boost, speed boost, and overshield.

Armor Modes

  • Armor Mode allows Spartans to augment their abilities in Warzone, such as increased Sprint speeds or the ability to carry additional grenades.


  • Once a REQs certification has been obtained the player will have a greatly increased chance of finding related REQs when opening REQ Packs.

Warzone and Arena Cards

Weapon Skins

  • Weapon skins provide the base UNSC weapons with addition colors and styles. Players will be able to apply weapons skins they unlock to loadout weapons.


  • Assassination cards allow players to choose a different animation for assassinating a rival Spartan from behind


  • Stance cards unlock different stances for Spartans when viewed in menu. This allows players to customize and show their Spartan’s personalities


  • Boost cards provide players the opportunity to gain additional REQ Points or earn XP at an increased rate in match made multiplayer games.


  • Unlock a variety of new and fan favorite armor sets to customize your Spartan


  • Unlock new emblems to customize player cards and multiplayer game lobbies.


  • Unlocks a variety of new and fan favorite visors to customize your Spartan


  • Helmet cards unlock new helmets for players to customize their Spartan

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