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Halo 5 and Quantum Break get Xbox One X 4K upgrades for Free

You can only polish a ... well you know the saying.

Halo 5 Image

During their presentation at GamesCom Sunday, Microsoft announced quite a few details regarding the launch, and the games, for the Xbox One X. Assuming you want to spend the 500 bones to buy one, pre-orders are now live at various retailers, though some are going to try and gouge you by forcing you into purchasing a bundle.

As for games, well, since the delay of Crackdown 3, the number of Microsoft exclusives has dwindled for launch, even the exclusivity for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds sound "iffy" too. So Microsoft is going the extra mile and updating many of their older games, like Quantum Break and Halo 5: Guardians, to include 4K visuals for free.

Aaron Greenberg, the head of games marketing at Microsoft, said that the developers who are currently working on the Xbox One X are providing great feedback and that other games like Titanfall 2 and Fallout 4 from Respawn and Bethesda, respectively, will be getting free 4K updates later this year. Greenberg also said that the Xbox One X will have over 100 games updated to utilize the Xbox One X powerful capabilities, whether that means 4K visuals or just better frame rates, we don't know just yet.

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