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Halo 4 'Wraparound' multiplayer map detailed


If you've seen the "Making Halo 4: First Look" video (below), you probably noticed two multiplayer maps were revealed: Wraparound and Warhouse.

In the most recent Halo bulletin, 343 Industries community manager Jessica Shea sat down with Halo 4 lead multiplayer map designer along with one of the senior environment artists to talk about the new maps.  This week, they focused on the map Wraparound, with next week focused on Warhouse.

Wraparound was one of the first maps worked on for Halo 4 and, as such, it's been through several revisions - mostly visual.  From a design perspective, it remained the same.

"When the first iteration didn’t meet our vision for the Forerunner style, we (literally) went back to the ol’ drawing board. Significant progress was made between the second and third iterations, and that’s when this particular multiplayer map became an integral part in helping define the visual style of the Forerunner geometry found in Halo 4."

With Wraparound, 343 Industries aimed for a map that was both balance and tuned for competitive play, and something that "supports Halo in its purest form: aiming, running, shooting, and jumping."

Halls in the center provide long lines of sight. This map is not as powerful for long-range weapons, but, if you look hard enough, you can still find locations where you can use those weapons effectively. The bulk of the combat, as you would expect from a smaller-sized map, is close to mid. But, no matter what happens in the sandbox, this level tends to play out consistently.

The center is a rally point, with the rear disconnected from the front and middle. While you can get there on foot, man cannons are also available to launch you directly into this high-occupancy area. In addition to the established lines of travel, there are a few secret routes that lead from the lower level to the upper center for players who are observant about the angles of the pillars leading to the upper deck.

The developers didn't share any screenshots of the Wraparound map for some mysterious reason, or more than likely a plan which involves its usage in the future.

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