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Halo 4 'Spartan Ops' to be longer than Halo: ODST campaign


If Master Chief’s return in Halo 4 won’t satisfy your Halo addiction, expect the title’s multiplayer episodic series “Spartan Ops” to do just that. The 10 TV-style episodes following the launch of Halo 4 will not only present you with a whole other story in the Halo universe, it’ll lengthen your playtime by…oh…the time it took you to complete Halo: ODST’s campaign.

Posting as “lybertyboy” on NeoGaf, Spartan Ops gameplay designer David Ellis stated, “SpOps season alone is longer than ODST.” He also added that there are two entirely separate teams working on “SpOps” and the full-fledged single-player campaign that will be available day one.

Ellis’ response on the forum was sparked by 343 mastermind Frank O’ Conner’s post to fans after receiving much criticism on their unveiled achievements list. The list, which follows its predecessors with mission-by-mission “cheevos,” led some to believe that the game would be far shorter than past titles. O’Conner was quick to respond, simply stating, "Number of missions has no bearing on the length of the campaign. It's a Halo sized campaign. PLUS Spops etc."

All signs thus far point to a 15-20 hour experience between the single-player AND Spartan Ops mode, which should be quite welcomed by series fanatics. What are your thoughts on the potential length of the upcoming blockbuster? Let us know by commenting below.

Source: [Eurogamer]

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