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Halo 4 soundtracks coming October 22, listen to them now!


Gameplay and story aside, the Halo franchise is known for its soundtrack. I don't think I'm the only one who had the chorus of voices followed by the gut-busting guitar get stuck in my head.

Now, with Halo 4 on the way, we have a whole new soundtrack of songs to listen to. Even better, 343 Industries has given us a sneak peek at some of the songs.

Originally posted on the Halo Waypoint site, we also have the thought process behind the shift in style.The big emphasis seems to be just how different — but still equally awesome — Halo 4's soundtrack is to the previous Halo titles.

"Both envelop and engage the player, grounding him or her in a universe and an atmosphere quite unlike any other game series. Both use large orchestras, traditional movie score elements at times – and both explore other genres and styles within those areas," 343 Industries' Jessica Shea explained. "But Marty’s scores lean towards cinematic, orchestral, occasionally metallic, whereas Neil’s skillset leans more towards electronica, at least in terms of instrumentation. It’s not an apple to orange comparison, but they’re different enough to feel distinct stylistically, even to someone who’s never heard either artist before."

"I am certain that when the game ships in November, the comparisons and contrasts between old and new Halo music will have huge energy, passion, and opinion fueling them. But there's something else we've been working on as a creative outgrowth of the game soundtrack," she added.

Check out the Halo 4 original soundtrack below:

Halo 4's Original Soundtrack will have a total of 15 tracks available for standalone purchase of $13.98. Those who purchase a physical copy of the Original Soundtrack will receive a free download voucher for three exclusive remix tracks and three additional Davidge tracks not included on the soundtrack but featured in the Halo 4 game. These game pieces will not be available on any other platform other than through the physical CD purchase.

Halo 4 Original Soundtrack List and Titles (CD & Digital): 

  1. Awakening 
  2. Belly Of The Beast 
  3. Requiem 
  4. Legacy 
  5. Faithless 
  6. Nemesis 
  7. Haven 
  8. Ascendancy 
  9. Solace 
  10. To Galaxy 
  11. Immaterial 
  12. 117 
  13. Arrival 
  14. Revival 
  15. Green And Blue

In addition to the Original Soundtrack, Halo 4 will also have a Special Edition Remix Album, featuring the same songs, but re-imagined with some of the most famous DJs, electronic musicians, and composers. You can listen to those as well on the next page.

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