Halo 4's Spartan Ops offers 50 new missions adding 12 hours of gameplay

Spartan Ops, Halo 4's separate episodic adventure that follows the Majestic Squad aboard the UNSC Infinity, will add up to 12 hours of incremental gameplay in addition to the Halo 4 campaign - of which we learned more of today thanks to a leaked slideshow, originally meant for retailers, detailing Halo 4.

As we already know, Spartan Ops will be released weekly, offering new missions each week that can be completed solo or cooperatively. Today, we learned that each week the Spartan Ops team will deliver 5 new missions for a total of 10 weeks during season one.

"These missions are introduced with a high-quality cinematic video so that you are well-briefed before you embark no your mission," the description on the slide reads.

In addition, unlike most other games, season 1 of Spartan Ops will be 100% free, meaning you won't have to pay a cent for the first 50 missions of season one. After that, however, I assume there will be some sort of season pass to get additional missions. 343 Industries or Microsoft did not detail that.

According to the slides, these Spartan Ops missions will "increase game value and overall enjoyment of Halo 4 with up to 12 hours of incremental gameplay."

"It's like getting two campaigns with one game!" the slide boasted.

While Microsoft's Expertzone is designed to teach retailers about its products, and in all likelihood exaggerates the excitement, it's still a pretty decent off. Like the slide says, during a time when publishers are nickel-and-diming consumers for DLC like bonus maps and weapons, 343 Industries and Microsoft will be GIVING AWAY 50 free missions with Halo 4.

You can find out what all of the other slideshow screenshots revealed about Halo 4 here.


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