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Halo 4's Promethean weaponry shown off in new video

343 Industries has released a new trailer highlighting the Promethean weaponry in Halo 4. Although we've already known the types of weapons and their specs for quite a while now, this video gives us an official look at the deadly Promethean weapons in action. Some of the weapons you'll see include the Scattershot, the Light Rifle, the Suppressor, and the powerful Incinerator Cannon.

You can find these weapons from the new enemy race, the Prometheans. We don't know much about them, except that they are considered to be a "threat beyond anything that Master Chief has faced before". A brief look at how these weapons operate will show you why.

Then again, I don't think Master Chief has ever faced dubstep before, and that's exactly what else this trailer has. Today's trailer will also give you a look at two multiplayer maps: Solace and Complex. 343 Industries has previously previewed both the UNSC weapons as well as the Covenant's weapons.

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