Halo 4 premium theme reveals impressive concept art pieces

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Setting out to be the biggest Halo title is quite the ambitious move, but that's exactly what 343 Industries is aiming to do with the next chapter in the beloved first-person shooter series, Halo 4. In fact, Chief's return is so anticipated that a simple Xbox 360 premium theme is headlining news. 

For 240 MSP, fans can nab the first Halo 4 premium theme from the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace. The theme, though, is stirring up quite a bit of rumors due to it's two concept art pieces. The images depict enormous structures that are unfamiliar in the Halo universe, leaving many to question just what they are. You can check out the images below: 

Halo 4 theme 1

Halo 4 theme 2

Any assumptions? Let us know by commenting below. 

Source: [GameInformer]

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