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Halo 4 multiplayer requires 8GB of space on Xbox 360

If you intend to take your Halo 4 gameplay online you'll need at least 8GB of space, warned Microsoft.

"At a minimum, you’ll need at least an 8GB USB Flash Drive or an Xbox 360 Hard Drive to play Multiplayer mode in Halo 4," Microsoft officially confirmed. For the "optimal experience" playing Halo 4 with an Xbox 360 Hard Drive is "highly recommended".

That means if you are the owner of the Xbox 360 4GB, Arcade, or Core model, you'll have to buy a hard drive separately as they do not come with one already built in. Don't worry, Microsoft has got you covered.

On, Microsoft is suggesting the pre-configured Xbox 360 USB flash drives by SanDisk which already includes Xbox 360 update software and room for your profile, game saves, and digital media. This comes in two sizes: 8GB for $39.99 or 16GB for $59.99. You can also use other USB flash drives, but they must be configured as Xbox 360 memory units.

For an actual hard drive, Microsoft recommends the 320GB Media Hard Drive which offers way more space for games, HD movies, TV shows, music, and demos. This will also allow you to install game discs on your hard drive to speed up load times and keep your system quiet. This also comes with a full downloadable copy of LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.

Microsoft didn't comment on how much space is needed for the single-player experience, but with 343 Industries looking to redefine the multiplayer experience with Halo 4 Infinity, do you really want to skip out? 343i is making big changes to Halo 4's multiplayer by "innovating and redefining" the way people think about storytelling and multiplayer experiences

Among the changes are two separate multiplayer experiences in Halo 4. For those who enjoy co-op and more of a story, Spartan Ops will offer separate episodic adventures that will add up to 12 hours of incremental gameplay in addition to the campaign. These extra 50 missions, which will be released over the span of 10 weeks, will be playable either solo or cooperatively and will be 100% free. No doubt this is where the 8GB of space will come in handy.

For those who prefer competitive multiplayer, War Games will offer new game modes, career progression, 10 multiplayer maps, Specializations to enhance your playstyle, and "more multiplayer maps with future DLC". One of those maps, Longbow, was revealed earlier this week.

Just yesterday, the first teaser trailer for Halo 4's live action web series, Forward Unto Dawn, was released giving fans just a taste of its grand reveal at Comic-Con this month.

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