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Halo 4 just 'the beginning' of 10 years of future Halo content


Since 2001, Halo has been a staple title for Microsoft and the Xbox/Xbox 360 console.  It's one of the few exclusive Xbox titles, and as such, Microsoft has no plans of letting go any time soon.  In fact, during the Microsoft Spring Showcase event, it was said that Halo 4 is "just the beginning" of a decade of Halo stories planned for the future.

At the event, 343 Studios spoke about the future of the series and the company's vision regarding Master Chief and the Halo story.  The company said it has the creative freedom to do "pretty much what they like" with the flagship series.  Suggesting that Microsoft has no plans of placing less emphasis on the Halo series, 343 revealed they have 10 years worht of Halo stories that will be told.

On March 31st, Bungie will officially hand over all data to 343 Studios. Bungie informed fans that the transition, which began last summer, should be completed by the March deadline at which point Bungie will no longer be able to update game stats and player service records, to host new user generated content, or to operate the Bungie Pro service.

After the transition, all future Halo support, including any replacement functionality, will be provided by Microsoft and 343 Industries via Halo Waypoint.

Currently, 343 Studios is developing Halo 4.  While not much about the game is known, they have provided a dev diary speaking of many of the game's features.  The company also addressed recent concerns over the new "perk" system.

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