Halo 4 'Exile' map unveiled

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At PAX Prime this past weekend, Microsoft and 343 Industries revealed a ton of new Halo 4 information. We learned the community-created "Grifball" mode is making a return, as will a re-imagined Capture the Flag and Oddball. We also got our first look at a brand-new multiplayer map in Halo 4 called "Exile".

As detailed by 343 Industries, Exile came about by the wreckage formed from the UNSC's Diadochi's violent crash. Once serving as a as a makeshift shelter for the survivors for several years, Exile is now a battleground in War Games. The map itself is described as "an earthy, circular canyon bed interconnected by a network of caves and favoring fast-paced vehicle combat, while still offering frantic, on-foot action", but you'll get a decent look at it in the new video.

Debuted at PAX, this Halo 4 video showcased Capture the Flag footage on the recently revealed Exile map.

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