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Halo 4 downloadable content schedule outlined for January, February in Halo Waypoint bulletin


As if 2012 wasn’t filled to the brim with Halo 4, in just two short months I mind you, it looks like 2013 is going to get a lot, well, fuller. Today, 343 Industries outlined its January and February plans for their blockbuster, including a map pack, title update, and more Spartan Ops episodes.

Below is an excerpt from the Halo Waypoint blog update that outlines the upcoming Halo 4 updates:

 Week of 1/21 

Spartan Ops Episode 6: Five new missions and an accompanying new CG cinematic. 

"Forge Test" playlist (name not final): A rotational hopper featuring small Forge maps such as Relay. Help us test these maps by providing feedback and reporting bugs that will assist us in getting them ready for Matchmaking! 

Specializations: Pioneer and Pathfinder Specializations unlocked for all players. 

Week of 1/28

Spartan Ops Episode 7: Five new missions and an accompanying new CG cinematic. 

Grifball playlist: A rotational hopper featuring everybody’s favorite virtual sport. Catch the disease! 

Specializations: Engineer and Stalker Specializations unlocked for all players. 

Week of 2/4 

Spartan Ops Episode 8: Five new missions and an accompanying new CG cinematic. 

Team Doubles playlist: A rotational hopper for those of you that like action of the 2 vs 2 variety. 

Specializations: Rogue and Tracker Specializations unlocked for all players.

The bulletin also confirmed the “Majestic Map Pack,” which will contain “two small maps and a medium-sized one,” that will likely be released to the public on February 25, though 343 did not confirm anything. There will also be updates to playlists that contain new modes for players to chew on, including FFA and a "new and improved version of Team Snipers."

So there you have it; it looks like there will be no shortage to Halo 4 action in the opening months of 2013. The only question is: do you have time for all this Halo?

Source: [Halo Waypoint]

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