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Halo 4 day one sales surpass $220 million


Halo 4 is an enormous game, and thus a gigantic expense for Microsoft. We already were aware that the blockbuster was Microsoft’s biggest game expense to date, but how would that translate to revenue once the game became available? Well, Microsoft has officially announced that Halo 4 racked up a total of $220 million worldwide in its first 24 hours.

The game released in over 40 countries and has now pushed the franchise to $3.38 billion in sales total. The company elected to not release specific unit sales, saying they are “focusing on revenue for this announcement,” but they do expect its first week revenue numbers to be over $300 million.

It’s incredibly difficult to gauge how successful the title is in comparison to its predecessors. Halo 3’s first day sales, in the United States alone, totaled $170 million, while Halo: Reach’s added up to $200 million in the US and Europe. Still, whatever the numbers come out to be, 343 should be commended for its stellar showcase, as millions of gamers have found their love for Halo once again.

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Source: [GameInformer]

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