Halloween is a time for the Dark Souls community to rock out

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Everything Dark Souls eventually catches my attention. With that said, when a music video comes out -- on Halloween of all days -- about the struggle and lore of Dark Souls you better believe I’m locked it. Besides being absolutely rocking for the ear balls, the true beauty of this video comes from effort in collaboration.

Here’s the thing, Dark Souls is over two years old now and the community is still banging. Sure we’ll all have Dark Souls II in March, but that’s no reason to stop the Dark Souls train quite yet or ever even. A video went up today on VaatiVidya’s YouTube page that was a collaboration of artistic Dark Souls fans. VaatiVidya contributed the production, the actual song was performed by Tanooki Suit, and the band/character animation was executed by Veselekov. When their powers combine, they created this amazing Dark Soulsong: Lordvessel work.

I can’t put into words how much I like this video. I strongly suggest you just watch it below and do yourself a favor already. Even the lore in this video is dead on. Keep the community going everyone and let’s celebrate the greatness of this game for as long as humanly/undeadly possible. If you haven't watched VaatiVidya’s lore series yet, get on that as well.

Praise the Sun! Happy Halloween! 

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