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Halfbot Releases Massive Update for The Blocks Cometh


Indie developer Halfbot has released a major update to the iPhone hit The Blocks Cometh. We previously reported on the game, which was blatantly plagiarized by another dev months ago only to be taken back by the rightful owners, the wonderful folks at Halfbot. Since then, the game has become an awesome download that any iPhone owner should have on hand.

In case you don't, though, now would be the time to act because The Blocks Cometh is available today for just 99 cents. Seriously, download it if you haven't already. It's the perfect companion for any gamer with an iPhone.

Today's update includes a bundle of awesome goodies. Aside from some bug fixes and the highly anticipated Landscape mode, Halfbot threw in over 30 achievements and four new characters, one of them the outspoken and delightfully honest Jim Sterling. That's just plain awesome!

Gamers can also access Gamebot Mode, which gives the screen a cool retro-inspired appearance that will make you feel like you're gaming on a classic handheld. Casual and Arcade modes round out the experience, giving you a life bar and allowing players of different skill levels to enjoy The Blocks Cometh. Also, because the fine people at Halfbot think you should be able to enjoy the game you paid for as you see fit, an "unlock all characters" option has been added, so you can access every playable hero right from the start if you want.

Check out the latest update for The Blocks Cometh. And if you have yet to purchase the game, be sure to do so ASAP. The game makes for one hell of a time.

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