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Half-Minute Hero For PSP Now Shipping

October 13, 2009

Half-Minute Hero For PSP Now Shipping

PSP exclusive speed action RPG gives players a half-minute to complete challenging tasks

XSEED Games is pleased to announce today that Half-Minute Hero for PSP (PlayStation®Portable) is now shipping to retailers across North America and will also be available shortly for digital download on the Playstation Network Store. The highly-anticipated Half-Minute Hero is available exclusively for the PSP and PSPGo handheld systems.

Half-Minute Hero is a unique addition to the RPG genre, with revolutionary fast-paced gameplay spread over four distinctive modes. Players are offered an enormous amount of variety as they can choose between four modes of accelerated game-play totaling over 100 unique stages. Among the modes are the quick level-grinding of Hero Mode and the rapid-fire shooting of Princess Mode, all executed in classic 8-bit style graphics and backed by a rocking soundtrack. Marked by tongue-in-cheek humor, each mode features original quests, enemies, and gameplay style. No matter the mode, players have just 30 seconds or, a half-minute, to save the world.

Early reviews agree that Half-Minute Hero brings a breath of fresh air to conventional definitions of genres and gaming in general. It was recently recognized as GamePro’s “Game of the Month” for December:

“Thanks to XSEED’s brilliant Half Minute Hero, being a world saver is insane amounts of fun.”

-GamePro, December 2009 Issue- 4.5 out of 5 Review Score

IGN also praised the unique features that help expand the PSP library for a new gameplay experience:

“…the impending release of Half-Minute Hero is currently at the top of the list of reasons why it's a great time to be a PSP owner… Half-Minute Hero is just days away, cheap, funny, built for short play sessions, and clever as all hell.” – IGN Review-8.8 out of 10 Review Score

XSEED Games partnered with Marvelous Entertainment USA to secure the North American rights to publish and distribute Half-Minute Hero. The title will soon be available at retailers across North America, and will also be available for purchase on the Playstation®Network Store starting October 22nd. Both the UMD and digital download version have a suggested retail price of $29.99. For More information, please visit:  

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