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Hackers Target Microsoft Xbox 360


Apparently Sony's PlayStation 3 isn't the only console struggling to combat hackers.  A number of Xbox 360 owners have reported their accounts have been hacked and credit cards used to buy FIFA Ultimate Team content packs.

Thanks to Eurogamer's reader, Speedjack, who found his gamertag had been "recovered" to someone else's machine on October 11th.

"I then find out that I've had 5000 then 500 MS points bought on my credit card. Better yet, all the points including the 120 I had already on my account are gone... all spent on FIFA 12 content packs yesterday afternoon while I was at work.

Not only that, but my account now has 35 FIFA 12 achievement points on it!!! Never played the game in my life - hate football."

According to Microsoft support, there appears to be an issue with EA's servers that leaves Xbox Live accounts vulnerable to hacks.  How far the hackings have spread is yet to be revealed, but another report from Goosterblog confirmed another user's Xbox Live account was hacked to also buy FIFA Ultimate Team packs. 

According to multiple reports offering explanations, the hackers have been emailing EA support and the EA server then sending over the victim's Xbox and EA account information.

Microsoft support is freezing accounts affected for up to 30 days as it investigates complains.

While EA hasn't released an official statement about the hacks, the company has given Xbox Live users advise on how to  protect their accounts.

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