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Hacker Helps Rift Developers Fix Security Flaw


Trion World has received help from an unexpected person: a hacker by the name of "ManWitDaPlan." They were concerned about an exploit that has affected about 1% of the game's user base, "a very subtle bug in error checking of our log-in validations deep in the server code," according to Executive Producer Scott Hartsman.

"All totaled up, under 1% of accounts with characters have had characters impacted. However, 1% of a surprisingly large number is still very noticeable," Hartsman said on the Rift forum. "The sobering fact is that account security remains a multifaceted issue, as attacks from other sources continue."

Rift has been under attack constantly since its release, with hundreds of hackers and botnets smashing the game's server to obtain user's details. Hartman assures players that the hackers are being blocked the minute they're detected, but the only thing that's changing is just how many there are. "The fact that they are using distributed botnets (compromised computers from across the globe) means that this will remain something that we will continue keeping an eye on, forever," he said.

ManWitDaPlan praised Trion World's services, particularly the speed at which the studio put out a fix. "Not only did the Trion crew take the exploit seriously, they took fixing it seriously," he said to ZAM. "I mean, come on, reported discovery to implemented fixes in two hours? I've never seen anyone in IT respond to bug reports that fast."

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