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Hacker Group "Anonymous" Wages War on Sony


A group of hackers calling themselves "Anonymous" has threatened to attack Sony. The threats are a direct response to Sony's actions against George Hotz and Alexander Egorenkov. According to Anonymous, Sony has "abused the judicial system in an attempt to censor information on how [their] products work."

Anonymous stated in a press release that Sony has crossed the lines of privacy and that the company stands for "corporate greed and complete control of the users." The group also said that Sony will "face the consequences" for their actions. Whether Sony is sweating these threats or not is currently unknown.

The group is notorious for having successfully hacked various entities in the past. Both Mastercard and Amazon have been victims of the group, and a church website was also allegedly hacked. It definitely seems like these individuals have a track record for success.

Anonymous seems like a bunch of childish, would-be crusaders with nothing better to do than whine about actions taken against their fellow hackers. No word on whether Sony has been affected, but if the group does retaliate, the PlayStation 3 manufacturer may just make GeoHot their scapegoat. Who else is tired of these hackers attempting to ruin everyone else's gaming fun?

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