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Hacker Showcases Genesis Emulator Running on Vita


Sales of PlayStation Portable software were notoriously low, due in part to how easily it was to run pirated games and emulated software on the device. After all, why blow $40 on a single game when the entire Super Nintendo library is just a download away? Sony has obviously beefed up security on the Vita to try and prevent these pirates, but one enterprising hacker has already found a way to run a Sega Genesis emulator on the console.

Unfortunately for pirates, this hack is apparently being done through the system's PSP emulator, the sort of trick is likely easily patched by Sony. That being said, the video's creator Wolololo says that this is a step in the right direction, and that it may lead to further exploit methods being found.

We really like to follow the letter of the law here at GameZone, but we also want a portable copy of Earthbound. Hmm...

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