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Hacked PS Vita can stream Playstation 3 titles


One of the coolest features of the PS Vita (and its predecessor, the PSP) is Remote Play, which lets gamers stream select Playstation 3 titles on the device, perfect for taking that heated boss battle with you to the bathroom. Disapointingly though, only a handful of games support the feature, and Sony has been slow to force developers to implement Remote Play into their recent titles. Thankfully, there's a new way to stream PS3 titles to the PS Vita, and we have Sony's longtime nemesis to thank for it:


That's right. Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption running on the PS Vita, despite the title lacking remote play. There's a bit of lag but still, the thought of playing a bit of RDR while lying in bed makes us more than a bit envious of this man's cracked device.

The video's description is unfortunately in Spanish, and given that I failed my High School Spanish class, the most I can discern from the text is that the hacker claims this exploit is made possible by custom firmware. Unofficial patches to the system's memory were responsible for similar exploitation of the PSP, enabling systems to run even pirated games. Currently the Vita has yet to suffer a similar exploit, though judging from the video, it seems hackers are getting close to breaking the device... 

Must be a stressful time to be a Sony engineer!

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