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GZ Interview: Prokions president talks about the innovations brought to the Legaia continent in Legaia 2 Duel Saga

GZ Interview
September 16, 2002

Prokion’s president talks about the innovations brought to the Legaia continent in Legaia 2 Duel Saga
by Michael Lafferty

An evil light has stolen across the landscape, induced by a solar eclipse. The latter is the result of the theft of a magical crystal. The village of Nohl is at risk from monsters roaming the surrounding land.

Featuring side missions and mini-games, Legaia 2 Duel Saga, an Eidos Interactive release this fall on the PlayStation 2 platform (it will be rated Teen), is a single-player role-playing game that tracks the adventures of Lang, a rookie in the Nohl militia. It falls to him to recover the crystal.

And while this may sound like numerous other RPGs, Prokion, the developer of the game, has added a few twists that may draw players into this amazing world. There are elemental forces, which can be used to combat your enemies, and the game boasts an innovative tactical battle system, which is new to the genre.

Natsumi Arisawa, director for Legaia 2 Duel Saga and president of Prokion, took time to talk with GameZone about the title.

Question: Can you give a little of the story background for Legaia 2? Does the game continue with Vahn or is this a new story with new characters?

Natsumi: “The name, Legaia continent, is the same name as the continent in Legend of Legaia but the story in Legaia 2 Duel Saga takes place in a completely different world.

“There is a village called Nohl in a remote region of the Legaia Continent that depends on a magical crystal called the ‘Aqualith.’ All of a sudden, this ‘Aqualith’ is stolen by a man known as ‘Gold Eyes.’ A young villager of Nohl named Lang sets off on a journey to recover the ‘Aqualith.’ During his journey, he realizes his hidden powers and the situation takes an unexpected and unbelievable turn.”

Q: What new characters and monsters will players encounter? Which, in your estimation, are the most intriguing and most challenging of the new characters?

Natsumi: “There is a young sorceress who can not speak and a martial artist who once killed his own apprentice. These two characters share the same fate as Lang, the main character of the game, and they in turn share this fate with their nemesis. Hence, all of these characters are very intriguing. In terms of their looks, my favorites are Elliott and Marienne. Their sense of beautiful is rather strange to say the least!”

Q: Legend of Legaia offered an inventive battle system, something totally new in the genre.  Tell us a little about the battle system employed in Legaia 2.

Natsumi: “We have powered up our tactical-arts system. There is a much greater variety of Arts. The most interesting ones are the Variable Arts; Arts that involve two people combining their techniques. There are also many other secret Arts. In addition, do not let your guard down when playing the game as enemies can also use Arts against you.”

Q: Does the game tread any other innovative or new areas?

Natsumi: “In Legaia 2 Duel Saga, we decided to separate the main scenario to create sub scenarios to bring out the identities of each character. It is a game with depth where you may be able to see different sides of the characters in the game.

“In addition, there is also a feature where you can combine items/equipment to create new items/equipment with different attributes that effect the skills of the characters.”

Q: What aspect of the game do you think players will find the most memorable?

Natsumi: “The players will find the flashy Japanese anime-style to be the most memorable.”

Q: With PS2 going online in the near future, will Legaia 2, or any subsequent Legaia titles (if there are any) include multiplayer online gaming?

Natsumi: “We have some ideas about this but we have not decided on anything yet.”

Q: What do you think will have Legaia 2 standing apart from the host of other RPGs coming down the pike in the year to come?

Natsumi: “The battle part of the game fuses well with the story and its presentation. Moreover, as the game has depth, there are various things in the game to keep you occupied for many hours.”

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