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GZ Exclusive: Future Settings for Mass Effect Revealed?

January 20, 2010

GZ Exclusive: Future Settings for Mass Effect Revealed?

In part two of our exclusive interview with Project Director Casey Hudson revealed that Earth and various other planets from the Milky Way Galaxy (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, etc.) may turn up as planets for players to visit.

“In Mass Effect 1, you could go to the moon for some of the missions. So I think there’s potential in some of the downloadable missions in the future and things like that. Because, part of the thing of building a ‘real world’, in Star Wars, for example, there’s no Earth, but in something like Star Trek, you wonder what is happening on the Earth. So as soon you go there, then it has so much more gravity. That is why we’ve never gone to Earth yet, in Mass Effect. When we do, it will obviously be a big deal. You want to see, ‘What’s happening on Earth?’ What’s it like because a whole world. It’s so big. There are so many questions you want answered what Earth is like in this fiction. But we do plan do go there at some point, but just not yet.”
There you have it; Earth is in Mass Effect’s future.

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