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GZ News Update 9/17/13: GTA 5 rocks, Deep Silver trolls and getting naughty with a popsicle

Welcome fellow video game enthusiasts to GameZone's News Update. Want the latest breaking news, delivered in a quick, easy to digest way? Then look no further, and enjoy these latest headlines from the day.

The Wolf Among Us exact release date announcement coming 'very soon'

We already know Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us will release some time in October; however, the exact street date has yet to be confirmed. That could change "very soon."

Saints Row 4's GAT V releases today alongside the actual GTA V

Oh, Deep Silver, you sly dogs. Today marks the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, one of this year's biggest blockbuster titles. Often shortened to GTA V, Deep Silver and Volition decided to have a little fun by releasing the GAT V DLC pack, a new Johnny Gat-themed add-on for Saints Row 4. Notice the similarity in letters?

Grand Theft Auto 5 Review Round-up Part 2: More perfects

Yesterday, we brought you the first batch of reviews for Grand Theft Auto 5 from around the web. 24 hours later, Rockstar Games' highly anticipated game has released and the game still stands at a solid 98 Metacritic score, challenging its predecessor, GTA 4, for the highest rated game of all time.

Popsicle Showdown -- for gamers that get off on watching anime chicks eat ice cream

So there's this game on Android called Popsicle Showdown. It's developed by Studio Pantisniff. You get where this is going.

Honorable Mentions:

Uncharted actor Nolan North: 'PS4 is going to be pretty amazing'

Diablo 3 Auction house to be shut down in March 2014

Shinji Mikami wants to scare the crap out of you with new The Evil Within trailer

Play League of Legends, win a new PC rig from Razor

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