GZ News Update 5/21/14: Batman Arkham Knight, Hyrule Warriors dated and Sony is listening

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Far Cry 4 Season Pass listed for $30

It looks like Far Cry 4 is getting a DLC season pass, if a listing on GameStop is any indication. Though Ubisoft has yet to formally announce it, it wouldn't really come as a surprise given the publisher's recently revealed plans to increase sales of digital items for games.

Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailer features the Batmobile and a whole lot of butt-kicking

Get ready for some awesome. Warner Bros. released today an official Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailer and it doesn't disappoint.

Hyrule Warriors will reportedly release in Japan this August

One of the more bizzare and surprising announcements from a 2013 Nintendo Direct, Hyrule Warriors has a Japanese release date of August 14th.

Sony allows gamers to suggest features they want implemented with PlayStation Blog Share

The PlayStation 4 is a pretty fantastic system, there's no doubt. However, there are areas that could use some improvement, and Sony wants users to let them know which of those features they find most important, which could then help streamline the process of getting them implemented. On the new PlayStation Blog Share page, users can submit one idea per week that others can then vote on.

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