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GZ News Update 11/5/13: Play games to get smarter, GTA Online patches itself up & Ahri goes Popstar

Welcome fellow video game enthusiasts to GameZone's News Update. Want the latest breaking news, delivered in a quick, easy to digest way? Then look no further, and enjoy these latest headlines from the day.

Research study: Playing video games can increase volume of regions in the brain

Playing video games can increase volume of regions in the brain that deal with spatial navigation, strategic planning, and memory and motor skills, according to a new research assessment from Berlin.

GTA Online Title Update 1.05 now available on Xbox 360 and PS3

The eagerly awaited Title Update 1.05 for GTA Online, the multiplayer mode in GTA 5, has finally been released and is now available for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Popstar Ahri Spirit Rush skin returns League of Legends’ foxy lady to center stage

Perhaps you’ve never heard League of Legends’ Ahri’s smash hit new single, “Charm’d.” Well, perhaps it never existed. Knowing Riot and the community, it will only be time until someone makes it. Regardless, the song has blown off the charts and has announced her upcoming Spirit Rush Tour. ‘Popstar Ahri’ comes with fresh new dance moves, a new going back animation, and brand new particles.

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