GZ News Update 11/19/13: PS4 to be in good supply and Xbox One not live streaming at launch

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PS4 to be in 'good supply' for the holiday season

Didn't get a PlayStation 4 at launch, but still looking to surprise that loved one for Christmas? Don't worry, you're in luck. Sony's next-gen system should be in good supply for the holidays

Twitch streaming on Xbox One is not expected to arrive until the "first part of 2014," Microsoft confirmed today. This means Xbox One users will be unable to broadcast live gameplay natively from the console when it launches this Friday, November 22.

Sony has acknowledged various reports of users having trouble ejecting discs from their PlayStation 4.

Unfortunately, the company has not yet been able to find a specific cause for the issue, but you can help them out by answering a few of their questions. 

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