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GZ News Update 10/3/13: Watch Dogs system requirements revealed and Fox News wants you to buy GTA 5

Welcome fellow video game enthusiasts to GameZone's News Update. Want the latest breaking news, delivered in a quick, easy to digest way? Then look no further, and enjoy these latest headlines from the day.

The Last Guardian is still alive

The fate of Sony's The Last Guardian has been the subject of speculation for some time. It was said to be on hiatus, then it was said to still be in development. Just what exactly is going on with The Last Guardian?

Watch Dogs PC system requirements revealed, eight core CPU required for Ultra

The dawn of next-gen is almost upon us. In fact, it's only slightly over a month away. If you're planning on skipping the next-gen consoles in favor of your PC, then be prepared for some mandatory upgrades, if you want to run these games at Ultra settings.

Insomniac: Sunset Overdrive will remain an Xbox One exclusive and no petition will change that

Sorry PlayStation 4 fans, Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive will remain just that. Regardless of any petition you sign, Insomniac Games' intriguing new title will only be available on Microsoft's system.

Fox News wants you to play GTA 5

Maybe Fox News is "Fair and Balanced" after all? Since the Navy Yard shooting, mainstream media has attacked violent video games and put the primary blame on games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto 5. Leading the witch hunt has been Fox News. It's gone as  far as Fox & Friends host Elisabeth "No one liked me on The View so here I am" Hasselbeck calling for "frequency testing" and tracking of game purchases. That, of course, sparked the Video Game Voters Network to launch a campaign against Fox News' biased coverage.

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