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GZ News Update 10/25/13: Fix your Pokemon X & Y and get ready for a mandatory day one PS4 update

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Pokémon X & Y update fixes Luminose City save bug

A new patch for Pokémon X & Y has fixed a dreaded game-breaking bug that would cause players to lose their progress while saving in a certain area of Luminose City.

PS4 300MB day one update confirmed; adds Vita remote play and game sharing

For all of us who have been waiting to return to Rapture inBioShock Infinite’s DLC Burial at Sea, FINALLY you have a solidified release date. That’s right you plasmid shooting junkies, Burial at Sea can be yours November 12th. To put that into perspective, it’s only 2 ½ weeks away. Sure it’s only the first half of the total package, but man do I want it now.

GTA Online's $500K stimulus won't be released until bugs are fixed

GTA Online's eagerly awaitedstimulus package, in which players will receive a cool $500,000 for the troubles experienced at launch, will not be distributed until Rockstar has fixed all of issues causing loss of progress in the multiplayer mode.

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