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GZ News Update 10/11/13: Rockstar gives players $500k and SOMA will terrify you in 2015

Welcome fellow video game enthusiasts to GameZone's News Update. Want the latest breaking news, delivered in a quick, easy to digest way? Then look no further, and enjoy these latest headlines from the day.

Those limited edition League of Legends skins you wish you bought are giving you a second chance

Regardless of how many years you’ve been playing League of Legends, there comes a time when wickedly amazing limited time skins come around, that for some reason or another, you let slip by. Then after a few weeks, they are gone forever… or so you thought. Those limited edition skins are coming out of the vault for a month at a time for your purchasing pleasures.

Rapper has beef with GTA 5 and serves Rockstar up a phat diss with cease and desist

Former member of Tha Dogg Pound, rapper Daz Dillinger, is using legal means in an effort to either get more money from Rockstar for two of his songs that were used in Grand Theft Auto 5, or to have all copies of the game recalled and destroyed...

Rockstar giving away $500k to every GTA Online player as part of a Stimulus Package

There's no denying that GTA Online had struggled in the outset. Honestly, we shouldn't have been surprised, given the prior warning by Rockstar. We're definitely in the home stretch as far as the servers being mostly stable. I myself was able to hop on these past few nights without a hitch. To ease the pain of those who took off work and stayed home from school during the launch of GTA Online, and those who felt burned by the whole experience, Rockstar is giving away half a million dollars to every player as part of a Stimulus Package.

This SOMA gameplay trailer will have you questioning existence

The French philosopher René Descartes quite famously said "Cogito ergo sum" or in English, “I think, therefore I am.” In the most simple of sense, this means that because you are conscience of the fact that you are thinking – you exist. When this phrase appeared at the end of the newest gameplay trailer for SOMA, this simplicity and horror of this phrase kicks in.

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