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Gyromancer DLC Now Available for Xbox LIVE Arcade and Steam

November 21, 2009

Gyromancer DLC Now Available for Xbox LIVE Arcade and Steam

Square-Enix has announced that new GYROMANCER DLC is available for Xbox LIVE Arcade and STEAM today. The DLC includes an item pack with four different items, and a map pack containing three new maps. See the new content below.

DLC content now available:


4 Item Packages allowing the purchase of additional in-game power up items. These battle items allow players to choose an appropriate item in accordance to the situation or enemy weaknesses to gain advantage.

Items include:

  • Remedy:
    Removes the negative auras of your beast and the positive auras of your opponent.
    Your beast's positive auras are not affected.

  • Hock of Meat:
    Immediately places your beast's ability gems on the board.

  • Magick Mirror:
    Reverses the direction of the ring cursor for one twist.

  • Magick Key:
    Removes all locks from the board.

Gyromancer Map Pack

3 New Maps containing new monsters that you can make allies once defeated, with one map being home to the strongest monster in the game!

Maps include:

  • Dragon's Haven:
    Two dragons roam this difficult map allowing you to summon them both once the beasts are defeated.

  • Rivel's Trial:
    In this trial map, players can sharpen their skills in battle by taking on the “Stones” encountered in the story mode maps.

  • The Four:
    This challenging map spans four areas. Three of these areas roam guardian monsters, with the final monster lurking in the fourth area. To reach the final monster, players must defeat the 3 guardian monsters in consecutive battles, destroying each of their seals. Defeating the guardian monsters will allow the player to summon these mighty creatures into battle!

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