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Guns of August Is Updated

May 28, 2008

Guns of August Is Updated

The third official update is now available for the acclaimed WWI grand strategy game.

Matrix Games and Adanac Command Studies are pleased to announce that a new update is now available for the critically acclaimed WWI grand strategy hit, Guns of August! This latest update brings the version of the game up to 1.23 and fixes well over a dozen issues such as the rail movement bug in addition to AI improvements and feature enhancements.

Click here to download the new Guns of August update.

Additionally, the AI has been improved in the areas of R&D and HQ Activations which overall makes for a more aggressive computer opponent. The update also includes a few rule tweaks including the new criteria for Britain to receive Eastern Med resources and a new rule for overstacked units in combat. In addition, support for screen resolutions up to 1920x1440 has now been added and a selectable alternate graphics set created by Gary Krockover is included.

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said “Guns of August brings the intense and brutal nature of trench warfare straight to your PC (expect without the trench foot!, along with all the aspects of grand strategy in World War I. With this latest update, Adanac Command Studies have further improved Guns of August to make this acclaimed adaptation of the ‘War to End All Wars’ even better!”

Guns of August puts players in command of waging World War I at a grand strategic scale from Paris to Baghdad. The entire Western, Eastern, Italian and Balkan fronts are included as are the three fronts of the Ottoman Empire. Production, combat, diplomacy, research, trenches, fog of war, and not to mention land, sea and air combat are all included! Use land units like infantry corps complete with separate artillery units for precisely directing barrages on the enemy's line.

As time goes on, players must deal with changing combat situations like the introduction of Stossstruppen and even mighty tanks charging through lines to break through the stalemate! Guns of August fully supports a robust AI to fight against or play by email. Step back to the early 20th Century and hear the guns of August!

This update is comprehensive and will bring the version of the game up to 1.23.

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