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Guns of Icarus Online Kickstarts another promise with Adventure Mode


I’ll be blunt, Guns of Icarus Online is, hands down, the best multiplayer airship to airship combat game I’ve ever played. I’ll admit I’ve only recently started playing it addictively, but the fact that I’ve been playing it addictively says a lot. As someone who’s played a number of online games in the past, I can say I’ve had the most positive community experience out of any game I’ve played. I’m still learning and the strangers I’ve played with have been more than willing to give advice. It’s an odd, almost Twilight Zone-ish, surreal experience.

Muse Games has been successful twice before via Kickstarter, once even for Guns of Icarus Online, so why not give it a shot once again? This time it is to add an Adventure Mode in Guns of Icarus Online. So while you may have gotten used to airship combat and have possibly even become an ace at it, there will be more to learn. How about some expanded towns, trade, player factions, and a persistent world for that team-based airship combat you know and love:

  • A persistent online post-apocalyptic steam & dieselpunk world 
  • Crew or captain your own ship and experience airship combat taken to new levels 
  • Explore towns and take on missions to help them develop and grow...or bring them to ruin 
  • Politics and intrigue with six player-run factions, each vying to stake its claim in the world 
  • Robust and accessible economic and political systems that drive the action

It’s time to apply your Engineer, Gunner, and Piloting skills to the test in a different scenario. As per any Kickstarter, you can donate to the cause, have them make the game, and you can get some sweet perks in the process – win / win for all. If you’re a fan of Guns of Icarus Online this new Kickstarter program is directly talking to you. If you’re never played the GoIO… would you like to?

Retweet this article with #GunsofIcarusOnline for chance to win a Steam code to play the current Guns of Icarus Online. It’s really that easy.

See you in the skies.


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