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Gunpoint Is a Free Game I'd Gladly Pay For


Developer Tom Francis has made quite a unique game. Gunpoint at first glance will remind you a lot of Canabalt, except with more color. You're tasked with being an agent/spy that has to recover files from various computer terminals scattered across each level. What makes this title so compelling though is the use of hacking.

You're a freelance spy, infiltrating high security buildings with subterfuge, gratuitous face-punching, and an unusual type of electronic sabotage. You can cross-link things like light switches and doors so that the guards unwittingly take out their own security systems, their colleagues, and even themselves. It's pretty funny.

In this eight minute video demonstration, we're shown just exactly how each levels play out, and how hacking is an essential tool to beating each level successfully.

What's better is that each level has seemingly various ways of solving each problem, which makes going back and revisiting completed levels to messy around with the Crosslink to get different results a new experience each time.

We're asked whether he should be asking for money for this game, and even before he poses that question, the only thing on my mind the entire time was "When can I buy this?!" With that sort of response, I can only assume that many other gamers would gladly contribute to such a unique puzzle game.

Make sure to check out the official Gunpoint page for any upcoming news,

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