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GungHo bringing over six PSOne Classic Imports to PSN

Heroine Dream

The publishing minds behind titles like Puzzle & Dragons, other hit games like Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, Dokuro as well as MMORPGs like ROSE Online and Grand Fantasia, will be publishing six PSOne Imports that will be heading to US PSN on May 20th.

These games are: Sarara’s Little Shop, Dragon Beat Legend of Pinball, NEO PLANET, Heroine Dream 1-2, Tokyo 23-Ku Seifuku Wars

Given that all of these are Import PSOne Classics, it's important to note that some comprehension of Japanese will be necessary for full enjoyment. However, Community Coordinator, Antonio Cara, has a breakdown of which games require some knowledge of Japanese, and which ones can be played without any.

You can get the full breakdown of each game over at the PlayStation Blog, however I can let you know that out of the six games, only one doesn't require any sort of Japanese comprehension, and that's Dragon Beat Legend of Pinball, which, judging by its name, sounds freaking awesome.

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